Best Air Fryer Buying Guide 2019

Craving for fresh fries or KFC chicken wings, but cannot eat them due to health issues? Well, worry no more because we have brought you a magical appliance that will give you your KFC chicken wings and the crispier French fries without using any oil to fry them. Yes, you read it right, no oil or maybe a spoonful of oil. Don’t believe it yet? Well, read the article and know for yourself what it is, and how it works.

What is an Air Fryer?

The name Air Fryer is itself very misleading as it’s function is not just limited to only frying but also it can help in roasting, grilling and even baking. Air fryer circulates the hot air to make the potatoes as crisp as we can find in a grocery, the chicken like we eat in KFC and donuts like those we get in Dunkin Donut. The coolest things about this appliance is that it can do all of these with no oil or 80 percent less oil than we normally use for frying, grilling etc. So you can say it’s a much healthier version of all the other appliances. Also, it don’t alters the taste of the food, you get the same tasty delicious food with multiple times less likely to get sick with diseases like diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, obesity etc. which normally occurs due to consuming oily foods.

Also, it takes less time for processing the food. It is very handy and can be maintained very easily. It can be compared to a convection oven but only it don’t require pre heating time. People are raving about this appliance as people are becoming more conscious about their health and leading a healthy life which makes this appliance a must have in their kitchen.

How does air fryer works?

Unlike the traditional deep fryers which uses gallons of oils for submerging the food in it to turn out for a crispy from outside and tender from inside delicacy, the air fryer does the same crispy from the outside but tender and moist from the inside delicacy by not using the oil but the air. But how does it do that? How can air make the food crispy and cooked? Well, it’s not just air but hot air. It’s make the food crispy, golden brown and delicious by circulating the air which is hot around the dish.

Actually, the air fryer works on the principal of Maillard reaction which we can call Browning effect too. It simply means due to the dehydration the surface of the food forms something like a crust and the hot air circulated by the air fryer causes the protein, fibers and the starch to breakdown. As a result of this the food gets roasted, baked and fried which gives them a very delicious flavor.

You can take an air fryer for an upgraded convection oven. You must be familiar with the convection phenomenon which simply refers to the movement of air (gas/ liquids) to move across one layer to another when heated. Air Fryer uses the same phenomenon efficiently and rapidly for giving you a very crisp delicacy. Some natural currents of convection are produced by a heating element in the air fryer which makes the air super hot. Also, there is a built in fan which makes the movement of air more rapid.There are holes or perforations in the basket for the free movement of air around the food. These all features make your food Crip and cooked with less to zero oil.

Best Air Fryer Buying Guide

Best Air Fryer Buying Guide
Best Air Fryer Buying Guide

There are a lots of features in an air fryer which completion depends on what kind of air fryer you went for. These are some important features which you should look for before buying an air fryer for yourself.

Basket Size:

You should choose the basket size according to your need. Like, a family should opt for a bigger one and single or a couple mat go for smaller ones.


A lot of air fryer comes with functions like toasting, baking etc. Which adds a great value to your money. More function gives you more varieties of healthy food options.

Wattage and temperature:

Going for an higher one provides more power and heat and hence the food will be cooked in no time.

Timer and light:

light helps you with keeping an eye on your cooking food and timers helps you set the time for the cooking process of food. Some may also come with an automatic shut off feature.

Removable drawer or basket:

Having a removal one can make cleaning a lot easier and as the appliance use no to less oil the cleaning is already so easy.


As it is said, safety comes first, handle is solely for safety process for transferring of food items.

What are the benefits of using an Air Fryer?

There are a lot of benefits of using an Air Fryer than the traditional appliances as it is like a magical invention for a healthier and better life. Some of the befits are listed below:

Convenience: It is more convenient to have one appliance for multiple purpose than having multiple appliances cluttering on you kitchen surface.

Speed: It can cook the food in no time as it need no pre heating time. Also, it is energy efficient which helps you save you money and time as well.

Food quality:The food fried in the air fryer retain it’s all natural juices and texture, and tastes like a delicacy.

Safety: As there is no boiling oil required for deep frying, it makes the cooking experience safer.

Health: This is a major benefit which we get from air fryer. Because of oily and fried food we can suffer from a lot of life threatening diseases but with this appliance we can lead a healthy life which tasty food as it requires less to no oil for frying.

Some of the frequently asked Questions about Air Fryer:

Q) Which are the best foods we can cook/ make in an Air Fryer?

This appliance is a very versatile appliance which can help you cook almost anything. You can find lots of recipes to cook or make using the Air Fryer on the internet and various booklets. But there are some of the staple and most popular dishes which can be best cooked with an Air Fryer. They are:

French Fries: This is a classic staple example of the dishes cooked in Air Fryer whose recipe comes printed with every Air Fryer. There will be no more guilt for eating a bunch of French fries as you won’t be gaining that extra fat for consuming it.

Fish: it is a great healthy meal for everyone. You can have it baked or have fish finger fires. Also, you won’t be struggling with fish stinky odor anymore and it retains all the moisture.

Vegetables: Surprisingly, you can cook veggies in your air fryer. They will retain all the moisture and won’t dry out.

Chicken Wings: This is an another example of classic air fired dish. It will make the chicken crispier from the outside and very soft and juicy from inside with no or minimal oil.

Streak and Croutons: They can also be made using Air Fryer better than the store bought one’s.

Q) Do you have to use some specific kind of oil for Air Fryer or any oil can work?

No, you don’t have to use any specific kind of oil for Air Fryer. Any kind of oil will do wonder with it be it Olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil etc. Feel free to use any kind of oil, you may spray on it or brush it.

Q) Are Air Fryers Carcinogenic?

No, air fryer are not at all carcinogenic, they do not cause any type of cancer rather it decreases the possibility you getting cancer as it a very healthy alternative to your diet which significantly reduces the amount of fat, cholesterol and oil from your diet.

Q) How does the food cooked inside the Air Fryer tastes compared to Deep Fryer dishes?

The air fryer cooked food tastes extremely delicious as it is very crispy from outside and very moist and tender from the inside. But it won’t be as tasty as the deep fried ones as Air Fryer uses minimum to no oil for cooking which makes it a healthier option and hence a little bit less tasty from the oily and greasy options.

Q) Do we need to use oil from cooking food?

Well, there is no necessity of adding oil in Air Fryer but a little oil can help in making the food more crispy and tasty.